September Muay Thai Smokers

Congrats to everyone from the Class One / Chute Boxe family that competed in smokers this past September. Smokers are basically hard sparring matches that simulate the conditions of a fight such as having and audience, having 3 rounds, fighting another gym, etc. Smokers are good intermediary step to those students that are considering taking their 1st fight.

We want to congratulate Regina for her amazing performance against a much more experienced opponent. Regina used exceptional footwork to get in range to strike and out of range to avoid damage for the most part. Regina also used crisp boxing combinations in this smoker at Chok Sabai. Not too bad considering she just started doing Muay Thai just a few months ago.

Congrats to Luis's Chute Boxe students Christian and Gabriel on both of their dominating performances at the Chok Sabai smoker.

We also want to say how proud we are of Eddie and John for stepping in the ring in their smokers at Crom.

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